Beta is the Royal Scientist of FaxsTale, as well as the predecessor of Nitro. She is a nerdy, shy and depressed hybrid, and the inventor of TUTF355.



She is nerdy, shy and depressed. She developed a stutter after she made a mistake with her previous work. She has a crush on SomeRandomWriter. She enjoys watching anime, reading manga and making comics. She has 40% of my personality, so she is lazy, gluttony and temperamental. During the Neutral Route, unless the protagonist receives the "Beta Ending", she either runs away or kills herself in True Lab. Either way, she vanishes without a trace, similar to Nitro. Many call her crazy, as she often "talks to herself", but in reality, she is hearing Nitro and talking to him.


She has orange hair, which is styled similarly to UsT Undyne's hair, and light brown eyes. She has white rabbit ears and pale skin. She wears black framed glasses.

She wears a light green sweater, dark green shorts and jade green sports shoes. Over all her clothes, she wears a white lab coat. During her date, she wears a green dress with white polka dots on it and black dress shoes.


  • Her nickname, Beta, originates from me keeping her original, or beta, design. This is something I tend to neglect doing.


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