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In this AU, Alphys is replacing the caretaker (Toriel in Undertale). She is very nice with humans and monsters that she can found. Otherwise, she don't bake pies, and offer a cup of tea/coffee. Her home is a kind of Maze between a living room and an improvised lab.


Look like the Undertale Alphys, but with a thick jacket instead of her white coat.

In Battle

In battle, she fight with medical instruments as acid flasks and needles. Also with electric shocks.


  • Friends: Muffet, Undyne, Grillby (ruin's dummy)
  • Neutral: Mettaton, Asriel, Dummy (Barmen in snowdin)
  • Hate: Toriel, Asgore, Sans, Papyrus , Temmeh (Flower)


At the beginning, Alphys save the protagonist from Temmeh the fluffy flower by electrocuting him. Then, she welcome's you in her house and give you a phone to help you in your adventure. There are a few changes from the original scenario, firstly when you quit Alphys home, she gives you health potions. You can meet her again in front of Hotlands Lab, she warns you about Toriel, the current royal scientist. She also told you that a scary and strong lizard lives in the ruins between the Core and New home.

Trivia & Quotes

-As in Undertale, she loves anime and she is a nerd, she likes social-networks and forums.

-Alphys battle have to be created.

-She is now an alchemist, she invent drugs and cures to help monsters.

-She's very determined and hates to have unfinished work.

-While Toriel reads books, you can see Alphys manipulating flasks in her house.


Every Routes:
"I'm Alphys a scientist and also the caretaker of the ruins. Come with me to my house if you want to survive little one!"
— Alphys (DarkTale) First encounter
"Beware of Toriel the royal scientist, she gone crazy since Asgore was wounded during the war and think she can keep alive her husband for eternity whereas his soul is trapped inside a robotic body that she built for him....Currently she works on news experiments, I will not lie to you: She is the worst scientist that I ever seen, she fail in all that she try to do.... Be very carefull she is unpredictable. She aldready made horrific things in the past.... That is another story... I have to go, good luck little one!"
— Alphys (DarkTale) at Hotlands
Genocide Route:
"You aren't the child I used to know, and if that is really you, I'm disappointed, you deserved better than that...... You have to know that I will not have any shames of making experiments on your body after I shall beaten you. Hehe... I don't care of you anymore, afterall I need a test subject for my final experiments!"
— Alphys (DarkTale) in front of the delta rune door

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