Alphys is one of the main characters in AnomolyTale, being Gaster's assistant.


Alphys usually wears her lab coat, along with her new googles given by Gaster, and blue gloves. Her dress is somewhat different, having a tutu instead of an skirt.


When Papyrus got shot by the sixth human, Sans rushed to Alphys for help. She tried her hardest to bring back Papyrus, but it was too late. She felt like she failed again and hid in the True Lab until Gaster was brought back, where she first met Gaster. Gaster brought her up and made her his assistant.


Alphys isn't much shy anymore thanks to Gaster taking her up, and the original Amalgamates are with their families. She still watches anime with Undyne, and now she watches anime with Gaster, too. She lives with Undyne in her house.

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