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"Your more involved in this then you think."
– Error404

AlphaTale is the first AU to form in the Undertale Multiverse.


AlphaTale Sans worked with his brother Error404 and they both lived happily in their AU Undertale 2.0, but this happiness didn't last long since a Murderous Sans was walking about killing all of their friends. Error404 had the idea to stop him,but Alpha!Sans knew that this was a bad idea,but in the end they went after him they fought him. But unfortunately Alpha!Sans was killed during battle, the last thing he saw was the face of his brother Error404. After a while He woke up to find himself in a place unknown to him, his outfit was different as well. He heard the screams and sounds of pain, he walked over to where it was and soon after found the decaying body of what used to be his brother, Error404. Alpha!Sans moaned over the loss of his brother. His soul was empty and he lost whatever thought or hope there was of returning to his AU. So in an attempt to fix what had gone wrong, he wanders around making sure that every AU remains safe and protected. Unseen and to be called the Ghost of the Multiverse.


After a while, AlphaTale was eventually forgotten because of Error!Sans. Error deleted the universe, leaving only him to remember it.

Is He Alive?

Alpha!Sans is completely oblivious to the fact that his brother is alive, but is still wandering around thinking he's dead and vice versa..


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