"I don't have time for your games!!! I must go and find my Children!!!"
– - Astral Mother


AlphaTale Gaster/Astral Mother was in her lab during the events of AlphaTale. She ran as fast as she could, but was too late, her children were already gone and then out of the blue, came Error!Sans and while she starred upon this being of complete darkness and glitches, her Universe is destroyed within a matter of seconds. Error404's power spike and Error!Sans's Power being unleashed upon the Au caused a much bigger disaster then Error would have thought. This explosion not only destroyed AlphaTale, but destroyed Infected's near by Au as well. Alpha! Gaster fell into a deep slumber and was badly wounded, but somehow managed to survive. After the events of UltraTale and During the Events of the X-Event, Astral Mother woke up and decided to head back out into the Multiverse Looking for her Children in hopes of Reuniting with them and making a new Au and Living there together.


The Astral Mother wears a long purple coat and brown boots. She is mostly made up of some sort of pink cloud. This pink cloud is made up of fear and when covered in it..well you know the rest. She also wears a locket holding a picture of her children in it.


The Astral Mother is very serious women and keeps to herself. She never talks to people who she thinks to be lower then she is. She doesn't work for no one. She works hard for what she wants and never gives in to temptation.But She is a very kind person once you get to know her, She is know by the people around her to be a nice person to people she cares about.


Soul Attack

She uses her Fear and Magic to stretch the opponent soul out to an unbearable scale, causing the soul to almost fracture or even break. Causing the opponent to submit or Die.

Destruction orb

The Astral Mother posses and orb that she made before the destruction of AlphaTale. This orb was created to destroy almost anything that wasn't stronger then the orb. The orb is said to hold an entire Void inside it and when used will suck up and destroy any and all in it's way, but it is hard to wield since you must be have a good grip or you will be sucked up as well.

Creations Hand

During her travels the Astral Mother discovered a Au that taught people the meaning of life and the true meaning of Death. She spent alot of time there and was taught how to bring things back to life, such as people and smaller objects. Right now she is practicing on trying to bring back AlphaTale.



You may add what you want as long as you stick to the guide lines.
  • The Astral Mother is know by many names one of them being '' The Void Empress''
  • The Astral Mother talks more With the original Gaster, then Au Gasters.
  • Her Favorite food is Top Ramen
  • She is 10,000X stronger Then Error404
  • She is 100,000X stronger Alpha!Sans
  • She is 5X stronger then Infected
  • She can destroy an Au, but she would have to put all of her magic into because she has little magic left since AlphaTale.
  • The Orb she posses can't kill the Eternal Worm or Error404

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