He is another error. He might be canon


he has a blue scarf and blue gloves and boots. he has red errors on him. he has grey armor. his badge is also blue. he still has his gold spots. one of his eyes has a black outside a blue outline and in the middle white. his other eye just has blue and a black and red error coming out of it


He is not like other papyrus's he is kinda mean he can be very caring but most of the time is not caring. he bully's people a lot and hates lots of people but cares about a lot of people too. he is not dumb like most papyrus`s


  • error bones-standard attack
  • error blue attack-standard attack
  • blue bones-standard attack
  • teleportation
  • error blasters-secret attack
  • error strings- secret attack


error404: he cares about him alot

alpha!sans: he forgot about him

infected:he hates him

errorpapyrus: he tried to kill error!papyrus

underswap!papyrus: is his enemy

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