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This AU has no further presence online than this page.

AimlessChanges is a Switch-Up AU that doesn't conform to traditional character pairs.

Also unlike most role-changing AUs, every character changes roles according to the roles in The Role Rundown.

(Minus Ragel, since OstrichNerd has no idea and doesn't care who that is or where they are in the game, and the amalgamates since they are kind of confusing and OstrichNerd doesn't want to bother changing them around.)

Character's Roles

OstrichNerd got the names for the 3 Gaster Followers from here.

Main Cast

Minor Roles

'Fun Value' Appearances

  • Bratty - The Forgotten Scientist
  • The Witnesses:
    • Doggo - Goner Kid's Role
    • Glyde - Dust Licker's (Follower 1's) role
    • RG1 - Ends End's (Follower 2's) role
    • River Person - Eye Talker's (Follower 3's) role


  • Hapstablook (Mettaton in ghost form) - The Inactive
  • Bird That Carries You Over A Disproportionately Small Gap (aka 'Annoying Bird') - The Accidental God


  • Eye Talker - The Jerk/Loser
  • Onion-San - The Secret Boss
  • Alphys - The Idoliser
  • Lesser Dog - The Restaurant Owner


  • Chara - The Enraged
  • Ends End - The Isolated
  • Sans (aka Skeleton That Teleports You Very Slowly To The Other Side Of A Disproportionately Large Gap)- The Cherished
  • Snowdin Shopkeeper (aka 'the River Keeper') - The Transport
  • Annoying Dog (aka 'Dog') - The Chaotic Villager
  • Bill - The Competent Villager
  • Ragel - The Enigmatic Dancer


  • Dogamy - The Club Member
  • Mad Dummy - The Outrageous Vendor
  • Amalgamates - The Abominations

The Vendors

  • Goner Kid - The Repetitive Vendor
  • Dogaressa - The Bravery Vendor
  • Asgore - The Persistence Vendor
  • RG2 & Dust Licker - The Trash Vendors
  • Muffet- The Oppressed Vendor
  • Frisk - The Village Shop

The Guard

  • W.D. Gaster - The Blind
  • Regular Dummy- The Pettable
  • Nice Cream Guy & Catty - The Unit Pair
  • So Sorry - The Playful
  • Burgerpants & Toriel - The Other Pair

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