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Main version:

When Frisk was doing a Genocide Route, a puppet appeared on their shoulder. The puppet look like Chara but their T-shirt was red and grey, and they said that their name was Ksirf. And they would help them. But Krisf decided to give ∞ LV and ∞ Fun Value. The game got corrupted and Frisk died strangely. They reappeared in a hellish version of the underground...

Second version:

The monsters were locked in the underground forever. But when Chara come they killed Frisk and King Asgore absorbed their soul. When the other humans came, he killed them and absorbed their souls.

Mt. Ebott, 202X

Third version:

The monsters fell into madness because a human would not fall in the underground for them to absorb their soul. King Asgore told Alphys to make the monsters more powerful. But... she failed every time. One day, he decided to create a cult. This cult forced monsters' souls to change into an absorbable form, killed the monsters and absorbed their souls afterwards to become more powerful...


Frank/Frisk: Frisk became Frank, a human with fire magic who went to the underground to escape the war. And they have a puppet called << Ksirf >> who helps them and tells them what to do. They have to try not to fall into madness like the monsters...

Ksirf: The puppet's name was Frisk in reverse and they helped Frank in his adventure. They looked like Chara but their T-shirt had other colors. In reality, this puppet is Frisk without a soul who decided to take Frank's soul.

King Asgore: Asgore is the king of the cult in the underground. The monsters call him King Satan and he sacrifice monsters and he changes and absorbs their souls. He tasted the blood of the sacrified monsters, and he had a demon's pitchfork.

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