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AdoptedTale has 4 extra characters, and the original characters from UnderTale act differently.

The four extra characters are Verna, Pat, Sarah, and Devan, (I know they aren't really original names but I couldn't think of anything XD)

Verna and Pat are 9, they were adopted by Sans and Papyrus. Sarah and Devan are 10, they are adopted by Alphys and Undyne.

Now for the difference in characters!

Frisk and Chara are teenagers, they talk, and Chara isn't evil like everyone thinks!

Sans isn't as easy to make him give you a bad time, he says at least 2 puns in every sentence, and he can barely see the color in things, if you cover his left eye then everything would (for him) be black and white, and every gray that you could imagine.

Papyrus doesn't believe in you as much, if he knows the human then he will actually believe in them, the color thing is the same with Papyrus but you have to cover his right eye to make him see no colors except black, white, and any grey you can imagine.

Mettaton is a girl in this AU, She likes fame but can't really take too much of it, she likes magenta instead of pink like the original.

Alphys is a bit more confident, and does show people some of her experiments, but she still keeps secrets, like watching anime and the fact that she's responsible for accidently almost making Papyrus and Sans see no color.

Undyne is more determined than the original, she is stronger, and doesn't melt at the end of her undying stage, she just turns to dust.

Asgore isn't really that different, but he is okay with monsters adopting humans and keeping them as their own, but if a human dies of like old age, or dies from an accident, then the souls go to Asgore.

Toriel is dead, she killed herself whilst trying to get through the barrier......

Verna is a girl, she has brown hair, cyan eyes, always wears a black shirt, and blue skirt.

Pat is a boy, he has dirty blonde hair, teal eyes, always wears a white long sleeve shirt, and blue jeans.

Sarah is a girl, she has blonde hair, brown eyes, always wears a yellow tank top and white short shorts.

Devan is a boy, he has light blue dyed hair, green eyes, always wears a white t-shirt and gray shorts.

Sarah and Devan spend most of their time in hotland watching anime with Alphys, that's why they have the clothing for hot weather.

On the other hand Verna and Pat live in Snowdin, that's why they have clothing for cold weather.

Chara and Frisk are the only humans that are teenagers.

That's it, I might add more soon, but I'm to tired to type anymore

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