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"It's a world of anarchy, greed, fear & starvation."



  • Has a dripping, creepy, mouth.
  • The left eye is normal while the right one is reptilian.
  • He wears a brown jacket that is always dripping.
  • His hands are made of goo.
  • He wears Sans's normal pants but with living stripes.
  • He only has dirty socks on his feet.


  • He has all of Sans's usual powers.
  • His hands can stretch over 20 meters.
  • He can create illusionary copies of himself as distractions.



  • He has no mouth.
  • Every non-white part of his clothes are brown.
  • The emblem on Papyrus's battle body is a conscious face.
  • He has no gloves.
  • His hands glow in the dark.
  • His "pants" are made of colored wood.
  • His shoes are normal.

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