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(Warning: Strictly female Frisk and Chara.) A Second Chance AU is an AU that happens after a genocide timeline, albeit with Chara having control the entire time. The AU focuses on Chara, who has been brought back to life, and must accompany Frisk as the girls go through the Underground. Chara tries to abandon Frisk, but every time, as if fate itself needed the two together, Frisk finds her way back to Chara. It has a story found here.

All content after this point is subject to contain spoilers, but only for the already written story. (Meaning it will likely be updated with the story.)


At the beginning of the story, Chara is possessing Frisk in order to feed off her determination, and so she can fight (and kill) monsters. Frisk/Chara are found in the Judgement Hall, as Chara has to fight Sans due to causing the death of nearly all the monsters. After finally killing Sans, Chara continues and kills Asgore and Flowey. Then she takes Frisk to a dark void realm, and explains to her who she is, and then proceeds to destroy the world. But instead of just leaving the realm as an empty black void, Chara finds herself suddenly on a bed of golden flowers, alive, and next to Frisk, who doesn't remember Chara, at the beginning of the timeline, despite it seemingly being impossible for anyone to reset, especially causing things to be different. Sans and Chara are the only two to remember the previous timeline, and there are strange things happening around the Underground, which so far have only caused puzzles to already be solved, and for the sake of this article, will be called "glitches."


Chara: In this AU, Chara is much more psychotic, as she wasn't taught by Frisk to be evil, and yet still decided to kill all of the monsters. However, when she tries to get Frisk's soul, she's sent back in time, to when Frisk first fell, and she's now alive again.

Frisk: Unlike how most people depict Frisk, in this AU, she's actually shy. Despite that, she hates being alone, and will start crying if she's left all by herself for too long. She does not remember any timelines that happened before Chara came back to life.

Flowey: When he appears, he is almost killed by Chara, and would have been if it wasn't for Frisk. Like Frisk, he does not remember any of the timelines between the time Frisk first fell, and the time Chara came back to life.

Toriel: She is very much the same here, but she is the one to first tell the girls that something has gone wrong in the Underground, and she tells them that the puzzles have been messed with by the glitch, but tells the girls that they're better off not knowing the other major problem the glitch has caused. When Toriel leaves Frisk and Chara in the room that the player is given a phone, she tells the girls to stay there, and that it's dangerous to explore without her, especially given circumstances.

Non-character changes

  • When the girls enter the Ruins, the rose petals are wilted.
  • All of the puzzles have been solved by an glitch.


  • Chara is actually pretty grumpy in this AU.
  • At the beginning of chapter 2, Chara considers letting one of the monsters just have her soul.

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