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AUndertale is an AU where a character from what is said to be from the full Undertale game is traveling through different AU's looking for a way to fix his timeline, however, it's not gonna be as easy as he thought. AUndertale is a sequel to the Undertale Pacifist route where instead of Asriel being saved, he was killed in Hyperdeath form.

About the AU

AUndetale is a sequel to a hacked Undertale Pacifist route where Frisk killed Asriel who was still in his Hyperdeath form. This caused an explosion sextillions times more powerful than the big bang, Killing everything that was caught in it with Undertale's setting being the center of the explosion. Sans, with help of Gaster, managed to create another Undertale and they sent the others to that Undertale timeline, which was incomplete however. This means Undertale was never meant to have a sequel. Other than that, on the timeline where the huge explosion happened, life does find a way, 1 year after that explosion, new AU's were created. So many AU's popped up that there even had to be an AU to track them all(Known as Archivetale in this AU), Every possible character in the original and AU's are characters in this AU. However, there are some mentioned Characters.


  • AU!Player(Or AU!Knyfer in this fanfiction)
  • AU!Frisk(Dead)
  • AU!Asriel(Dead)
  • Error!Sans
  • Ink!Sans
  • UT!Sans
  • UT!Gaster(Indirectly)
  • ArchT!Sans
  • ArchT!Papyrus
  • ArchT!Undyne


  • AUndertale is a grammer mistake that gave KnyferPC from the idea of making a new Undertale AU.
  • Archivetale is not an AU with any story, however, it is mentioned as an AU.
  • UT actually means Undertale, so UT!Sans is actually the original Sans.
  • Due to some account issues, this AU was discontinued.

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