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6-tale is an upcoming Undertale comic dub or possibly animation and a fictional AU (Meaning it is only an AU in the comic, but not a “true AU” as it is not solely created by a website user) created by the Sins of 12. It may be aborted if the Undertale Fandom dies, but later be converted into an original series.

About the Comic/Animation

It is fairly similar to Underverse, but the Sins of 12 are the main antagonists of the series. They steal the entire codes of highly popular AUs such as Underfell or Echotale to build a dominant AU to control the Undertale Multiverse and do as they please under a totalitarian leadership. Many highly notorious Undertale fandom characters are under Sin control, such as Error!Sans, Betty, and even Nightmare Sans. Orion, the leader of the Sins of 12, is mainly in charge of it, but a group of Ex-Sins (Sins who have left the group due to moral reasons) and AU guardians (Including Dream and Ink) seem to always impede his goals. The fate of the fandom is in the hands of these guardians and unlikely heroes.

The motives of the Sins of 12 are to not only make their dominance prominent, but to also gain more power and control over the wide universe of fandoms, as they are lead by a megalomaniacal demon lord.

The birth of 6-tale also marks the beginning of the first 6-tale war.

About the AU

6-tale is a dystopian world, even darker (Both visually and...mentally?) than AUs such as Underfell and Horrortale. The atmosphere is always a dark red/maroon and the air is said to always be cold, even in Hotland, and especially in Snowdin. Hotland only reaches 50° F at most, and Snowdin reaches temperatures as low as 0° F. Waterfall reaches around 32° F, and usually maintains a constant temperature. Many monsters there are corrupt with black or red, pupilless eyes and sharp teeth. It may seem that the monsters are all evil beings, but truthfully, they had no choice but to become aggressive and hostile, as this world was quite literally kill or be killed. Everybody swears their allegiance to the Sins, because if they don't, they are executed. Even if they keep their lack of loyalty a secret, almost every monster there is a snitch and will report any rebellions. Overall, the AU is like a totalitarian government.

Monsters here are notably much bigger than their counterparts in other AUs. Sans in Undertale is usually seen as 4 ft tall. However in 6-tale, Sans reaches 7’4 . Papyrus in Undertale was confirmed to be 6’1. In 6-tale, Papyrus is around 11 ft tall (Seriously, that’s ’euge).



Orion is the founder of 6-tale and the leader of the Sins. He is the ex-Olympian God of Destruction. He is the ruler of 6-tale as well, and is feared by every other 6-tale resident and inhabitant, even by his own direct subordinates.


Blasphus is the fiercely loyal second-in-command of 6-tale and the Sins. He is the absolute demon lord of unholiness and blasphemy. He is 6-tale’s best tactician, and is responsible for their success.

  • Hades
  • Boravus
  • Infernox (formerly)
  • Terracus
  • Beowulf
  • Arsonus (formerly)
  • Spectron (formerly)
  • Dread (formerly)
  • Vorakor (formerly)
  • Raiden (formerly)
  • 6!Frisk
  • 6!Toriel
  • 6!Asriel
  • 6!Sans
  • 6!Papyrus
  • 6!Undyne
  • 6!Alphys
  • 6!Mettaton
  • 6!Chara
  • Bete Noire
  • Killer!Sans
  • Dust!Sans
  • Nightmare!Sans
  • Error!Sans
  • Remorse!Sans
  • Cleanser!Sans
  • Spectro!Sans
  • Fell!Sans
  • Horror!Sans
  • 6!W.D. Gaster
  • The Thunderclaw
  • The Shadow.

Various demonic soldiers make up the 6-tale infantry.



  • This is Vincent Endethyst's first upcoming comic dub.
  • It is still currently in production.
  • 6-Tale is known as an AU cluster or a Mega AU, as it is much larger than most AUs, and is made up of many different AUs.
  • 6-Tale does not obey the laws of physics. This can be seen very clearly in the different areas. Snowdin reaches temperatures as cold as 0º F, but only gets snow, and no ice or hail. Hotland only reacher 50º F, but there is still lava present. Waterfall reaches as low as 32º F, but it maintains a steady environment of slushy freshwater rivers, and there is no snow or frost.
  • 6-Tale has capitals. The capital of Snowdin is known as Kartacus, and it is the location of the Fortress of Sins, where, as the name implies, the Sins and their elite armies reside. Talogon is the capital of Waterfall, and is the location of the 6-Talian Navy’s headquarters. Pyron is the capital of Hotland. Pyron is the location of the 6-Talian Air Force’s headquarters.
  • 6-Tale possesses no CORE, nor any New Home.
  • The Underground in this AU is reserved as a prison and labratory facility. Spectron, before he was reformed, worked here once. This is now the workspace of 6-Tale’s Dr. Alphys as well as several other Alphys’ from different AUs.
  • Since 6-tale is made of many AUs, characters of a certain role in Undertale tend to work together in a certain branch, position, or rank.
    • Characters with the Caretaker role are medics.
    • Characters with the Ambitious role are military captains.
    • Characters with the Judge role are special forces soldiers.
    • Characters with the Captain of the Guard role are military commanders under the military captains.
  • This AU could get cancelled if the Undertale fandom collapses.
  • This AU does not contain an Asgore. Well, it does, but he’s not really...the normal kind of’ll find out who 6-tale Asgore is soon....

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